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Biological Hazard & Trauma Scene Clean up Fort Myers Florida

Our biohazard specialists are experts in all kinds of extreme cleaning that you may need. Let us professionally handle your sensitive needs. Unattended death, suicide, blood, homicide, feces, and hoarding cleanup are just some of the types we are ready to help you clean up.

Biohazard & Trauma Scene Cleaning Service

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Open 24/7 for your needs.

Our professional services can handle any type of clean up situation.

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Crime Scene Cleaning

We are certified to help both residential and commercial clients with any crime scene and trauma cleanup needs. We know just how challenging the situation can be for anyone affected. Let our expertly trained staff discreetly help you in your time of need. Servicing the Fort Myers , Florida greater area.

Once the police finish processing the scene, call us. Using specialized restoration equipment and training, we will respond quickly to clean up and repair any damage. We follow strict regulations and rules regarding biohazard material and crime scene cleanup. Safety is our primary concern, the safety of people, and your property. Our team will use all of our expertise to restore your property as quick as possible.





Clean Up

We perform an OSHA-mandated employee-safety hazard assessment of the scene. This assessment helps us know how to clean up the scene appropriately.



Deep cleaning begins as we use the latest technologies to restore the scene. During restoration, we disinfect and deodorize affected surfaces using EPA-rated disinfectants.


Peace of Mind

In this challenging time, have peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted team that will carefully and discretely remediate any needs you have.

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Biohazard Experts

Blood Removal:
Blood can be a danger to anyone, and it comes in many forms (liquid, solid, or aerosol). Blood can be transferred to people by inhalation, ingestion, injection, or absorption. Blood can transfer to you by skin or eye contact, such as a splash when scrubbing or cleaning.

Unattended Death:
Our trained team will decontaminate all blood and bodily fluids. We will remove all contaminated items and sterilize all areas that pose a risk. Infectious diseases in blood, such as HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis, all pose a serious threat, so please leave it to the experts to remediate.

Residential Hoarding:
Our team will assist you with any hoarding cleanup needs. We asses and sort through all items in the house for anything that could be important. We will box up anything you want saved while cleaning and disinfecting all unwanted items. Servicing the Fort Myers, Florida area.


When you call, you will be treated with a professional and discreet manner, as we understand how hard it can be in your trying time of need. We have amazing people, expert cleanup specialists, and teams that are typically within minutes from your residence or business always prepared to assist, so call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We cover all of Fort Myers, Florida and most other cities.

When something unthinkable happens, we understand you may not be able to process the situation. In most cases, you may not be able to handle the task at hand, as it can be emotional. The fact remains that the property still needs to be brought back to a livable condition, and you can count on us to help bring you peace of mind. It is essential to find out all you can now so that you don’t have to rush later, when you may not be able to think as clearly.

We are experts at ridding any space of dangerous biohazards and odors of a decomposing body. The smell of death is very pungent and very hard to remove this unmistakable odor. This odor penetrates all porous materials as well as affecting areas like your HVAC system. Your health may be at severe risk if this odor becomes airborne. The only way to get rid of this smell is with a thorough biohazard remediation process. These services under most insurance policies are covered.

Our technicians have been certified and trained to handle any necessary work in your home correctly. Our team has been involved with properties that have blood or decomposing bodies, for example. We respond to your needs quickly, because we understand that the last thing you need is to wait around for someone to help you. We have the proper certification and we can help with situations involving biohazardous materials, lead paint, asbestos and more.

You may not realize this but law enforcement agencies and emergency responders do not clean up blood and tissue left at the scene. Automobile owners have to deal with the aftermath of the incident. Many times accidents leave behind chemicals or solvents such as chalk and marker prints, stickers, fingerprint dust, needles, bloody gauze, and other medical supplies that will need removal from the scene. There may also be bodily fluids, blood, or remains that need appropriately handled. These remains are full of bloodborne and airborne pathogens that could be dangerous if not removed and disinfected by trained professionals. HIV, HBV(hepatitis B), HCV (hepatitis C), Herpes, and E.coli are all bloodborne pathogens or bacteria that are carried in blood or air.

If a loved one or friend is confronted with suicide, it is often the most challenging situation they have ever to endure. After the first responders and coroner leave, family members must deal with the daunting task of cleaning up after their loved one. Having the scene cleaned quickly discretely and confidentially helps the surviving family members move forward and tend to various other essential matters.

When outbreaks or accidents that are considered biohazardous occur in the workplace, it can be emotionally traumatizing and financially stressful. Across the country, we provide corporations and businesses rapid response to accidents, blood spills, and other hazardous cleanup. We provide commercial cleaning services for complex situations, from vehicles to heavy machinery. We understand regulatory protocols such as industrial lock-out/tag-out procedures. Companies can have peace of mind and trust us to provide professional services and help minimize business interruption.

Our professionally trained technicians follow strict state guidelines for removing and disposing of medical waste, safely. We know how to mitigate the risks associated with these bio-hazardous materials. Our experts are mindful of disposing medical waste that potentially carries bloodborne pathogens properly.




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